We are IOT ecosystem specialists.
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Who Are We?

We are a young and energetic firm based out of the Silicon Valley of India. We focus on creating innovative system solutions. We adopt a holistic approach and spend time understanding your issues. And by the end of the day, we deliver solutions that make your business excel.

Our Capabilities.

Count on us with these.


UI/UX design

Native application development (Android & Ios apps)

Web application development

Data movement pipelines

Embedded Systems

Logic design

Component sourcing

PCB design

Manufacturing & assembly

Product certification


Network design

Infrastructure sourcing & setup

Throughput optimization


TLS certificate maintenance

Quality Analysis

App testing

PCB testing

Network load & penetration testing

Our Expertise.

We are researchers at heart and spend time to get a deep understanding of your business and issues at hand. We specialise in aiding process based industries such as :

  • Textiles.

  • Food and beverages.

  • Pharmaceuticals.

  • Nutraceuticals.

  • Machining, etc

Having delivered consistent results in the agriculture and Renewable power industry sectors; we are now ready to create an audacious impact in other process based industries as well, with projections showing over 20% increase in efficiencies within a year.

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